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Management development:

Wasan Knowledge Hub offers training programs for business managers that help them remain motivated and lead their teams effectively. The management of an organisation plays an important role in maximizing the efficiency of the team and achieving the goals set by the company. It is therefore vital that we not only have the right management team but also provide them with the necessary inputs that are required to make a success of the business. They should not only be able to lead by example but should also be able to positively influence the behavior of those around them.

Wasan Knowledge Hub has programs that help individuals inspire and motivate their teams to reach their goals.

Stress Management

As cliché as it may sound, today’s fast-paced and competitive environment has made stress a common phenomenon. But, the good news is that all is not lost, yet. To manage stress, one has to take charge of themselves and their feelings. This means that one has to find ways to handle the constant thought process, emotional ups and downs, busy schedules, and a way to deal with every day problems.

Thus, the key here is to identify and understand one’s emotional response to stress, while developing effective communication and decision-making skills. Further, one must also find a way to increase efficiency and productivity at work while maintaining a perfect work-life balance.

Managing Conflict At Work Place

Conflict is associated with any apparent and not-so-apparent negative emotions. This includes, anger, jealousy, arguments, hatred, ill feelings and so on.

Though, not a new phenomenon, it is important to manage conflict at work with ease and simplicity. For, any wrong move may create further misunderstanding and result in poor performance. Thus, it’s important to resolve conflict based on effective communication, negotiation and persuasion.

Our customised training programs cover topics such as:

Leadership for senior managers



Avoiding internal conflicts

Time management

Exploring leadership

Strategic thinking

Key account management

Project management

Financial management

Customer centricity